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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thriller Thursday - Check the Safety on That Gun!

Following in the courtroom theme ...

From the Chillicothe Constitution Tribune, Chillicothe, Missouri, obituary, 30 August 1934, p4 c2.

Robert P. Weed Was Accidentally Killed

Revolver Which He was Examining Accidentally Discharged; Killing Him Instantly.

Friends here have received word of the death of Robert Perry Weed of Daytona Beach Florida, which occurred Wednesday.  Weed, a Lawyer, was examining a revolver in the courtroom at Daytona beach, which was an exhibit in a case with which he was connected.  The gun accidentally discharged.  Weed died before his wife, the former Miss Catherine Kirtley of Chillicothe, could reach the courthouse.  Mrs. Juda Kirtley of Independence, mother of Mrs. Weed, went to Corbin, Kentucky to join her daughter for the funeral services, which were held at Corbin Friday afternoon.  The Kirtleys were residents of Chillicothe about ten years ago.

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  1. That sounds like the basis for a McCloud Sunday Night Mystery!