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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where Did That Come From?

As I was following up from some research done over the weekend, I stumbled upon a Florida death record on (even though I found him on Ancestry, that record is all but useless) for Henry Spencer Jackson. What caught my eye was his mother's information. he record gave her name as Sarah Ann Percival and her birthplace as Portville, New York. I knew of Edward Burnham Percival (son of Jabez Chapman Percival, Sr & Ann Burnham) and knew there were other children, could this be yet another? So I wasted spent my afternoon looking for evidence that this was indeed a daughter of Jabez and Ann Percival. I came across a newspaper article, that I already had, for Chapman & Polly Percival (this would be Jabez, Jr) visiting Edward & Caroline Percival in Portville. Then I found Mrs. T. S. Jackson (Thomas Spencer Jackson) visiting her sister Sophia Percival in the 1880's. BINGO! Sophia was one of the daughters of Jabez & Ann, who had never married. The icing on the cake, however, was an obituary of Edward S. Jackson, son of Thomas & Sarah (Percival) Jackson, whose middle name was Stannard. Another Percival daughter, Julia, was married to Elisha Stannard. And a son of Chapman & Polly Percival was named Charles Stannard Percival. I'm not sure what happened to Dr. Thomas Spencer Jackson, but Sarah was buried in Riverside Memorial Park in Tequesta, Florida. Also buried there is her son Henry Spencer Jackson and other family members whom I have yet to research. I love it when things fit neatly!

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  1. Maybe the doc is another of those widow-makers. That sounds wrong. I mean the guy who left the wife and family behind.