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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Bowman & Webb

Marriage record of Frank & Bessie
Today's subjects are my great grandparents, Frank Bowman & Lizzie Webb. They were married in Dover, Missouri, on April 3, 1883. They were the parents of 4 children: Bessie, John, Frances and Mary. Bessie married James A. Rankin; John never married; Frances married Hugh Rogers; and Mary was my grandmother by virtue of her marriage to John Stearns Percival.

The only picture I have of Frank & Lizzie is one taken with three of their four grandchildren at their home in Lexington, Missouri. I presume the photo was taken about the mid 1920's. The grandchild not pictured is Frank Bowman Percival, the youngest grandchild, who was born in 1925. All the photos of Frank Bowman that I have from that time show him with his left arm just hanging, so I presume he had been suffering strokes, prior to the one that eventually took his life in 1930.

L-R: James Rankin, Mary Rogers, Lizzie,  John Percival, Frank

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