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Friday, December 21, 2012

If the World Doesn't End ...

Happy First Day of Winter! And today is the end of the Mayan Calendar. If the end of the world doesn't happen, I am all set for my next genealogical road trip, since I added the RootsMagic App to my iPod Touch. I am also anxiously awaiting my Android phone, and when the RM App is available for that, I will have everything covered.

I love tech stuff, but really just limit it to my laptop, my iPod and my phone. However, I saw the iPad mini the other day and just love the size of it. Do I need one? No. Do I want one? Maybe.

As to the Maya Calendar, well, here is a link to the Wiki page. I think the reason there is no new calendar, is that it got far to complicated for them! So see ya Tomorrow on Sympathy Saturday!

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