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Friday, December 28, 2012

Something Accomplished

I took down some of the Christmas decorations yesterday, including that tempting (to our cat) Christmas tree. Mouse tried to help me by knocking down as many ornaments as possible! As I was putting away my ceramic pencil Santas my sister Diane made for me many years ago, I was reminded what William, age 5, said about them. He said "I like your wise men. Them have different gifts." I only remember that one of them was holding a wreath.

This little boy continually amazes me. I made him a paper nutcracker in the shape of a Toy Soldier courtesy of a freebie at SVG Cuts. William saw it under the tree and said "Who is the nutcracker for?" Okay, what 5 year old boy knows about nutcrackers? He certainly knew it was a ballet.

I'll also admit it's been a LONG time since I was around a 5 year old boy. For more than a few hours. It was fun but exhausting.
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