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Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Monday Already?

Yes, I had all weekend to write my post, but somehow, stuff kept interfering. First, we drained, cleaned and refilled our spa. Doesn't sound intensive does it? Well, using just the drain, it took an hour to drain an inch of water. This is a 225 gallon hot tub. At that rate, it would have drained all night long. A call to the Pool and Spa Depot produced a pump that would pump it out a little faster. It still took an additional 2 hours to drain. But it was a nice day, so I could climb in there in my shorts and give it a good wipe-down before refilling it.

Refilling it took a half hour. Chemicals added and tested and all we had to wait for was the temperature to warm up in order to use it that night. Since the starting temp was 57 degrees, it took a while.

Saturday and Sunday we spent trying to figure out how to keep Mouse from climbing the tree. The spray bottle works up to a point, so we cut up an old box and put it around the tree. She is still interested in the box, but more easily distracted. Nine days until I can take down the tree!

I have a couple of Christmas cards to make, and hope to get back into my volunteer genealogy projects tomorrow.

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