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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Those Holiday Photos and Newsletters

Yes, I do read the annual newsletters that I get from family and friends. More importantly, I scan the photos they send and link them in my RootsMagic genealogy program. Having said that, I will admit the ones I get early before Christmas end up scanned and linked faster than the ones I get after the 15th of December. It seems by that time, I am rushing around trying to get things organized for one last trip to the grocery store, or to get one last gift. So scanning waits then till that day when I go through the list of cards I sent and double check addresses, and prepare them for storage. Yeah, I have no idea why I keep them, maybe its time to get rid of the ones prior to 2010? I always have an idea that I am going to pick some out for framing, because quite honestly, some of them are framing gorgeous!

Are you prompt with scanning? What do you do with the photos?

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  1. I only keep the cards with photos on them and the letters. I toss the others (sorry!) and put those that I'm saving into a zip lock bag with the year marked on it. I honestly have no idea why I save them because I've never gone back to them later. But I might now to see if there's some I want to scan - great idea!

  2. No, I am not prompt with my scanning as anyone who looked at the crate next to my desk could tell. I keep the photo's and letters to scan, but not the cards.

  3. Brenda, I am working on 33 years of photos, sorting scanning, scrapbooking!