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Friday, December 7, 2012

T.G.I.F. - Really!

It's been quite the week around our house. On Monday, we adopted a cat, aged about 1 year, who tried to adopt our Older Daughter last week. Older daughter already being the mommy of two very possessive cats, and it being 2 a.m. and not able to trust one of her cats not to attack - again - she called the police who took the cat to the local animal shelter.

Within 24 hours, the sweet little grey and white cat was up for adoption. DH and I had talked the week before about adopting a pet, but thought we'd wait until after Christmas. However, it just seemed fated that this cat would show up when she did.  When we went to meet her at the shelter, she tolerated being cuddled by 3 adults consecutively for quite a while.

In our county, when you adopt a shelter pet, it has to be spayed or neutered and vaccinated before you can even take it home. Tuesday was spay day, which we added to by asking them to do the Feline Leukemia test also. Her test came back negative and they did the surgery. DH and I spent part of the day shopping for cat food, a collar, litter and box, toys and something cozy for her to lay on/ignore. Then we set about trying to cat-proof the Christmas tree. We did have a cat for the first third of our marriage and neither our cat nor our dog ever fussed with the tree.

Wednesday was pick up your cat at 7:30 a.m. day. The woozy little thing tolerated the car ride to her new home in a carrier without much fuss! Her new home was waiting for her and she appears to be in for much spoiling and loving. 

There are still a few places off-limits to her until we are sure she is adjusting - our offices included. Mine is a complete and utter disaster at the moment. The laundry room is another room that has been deemed forbidden. Once she gets used to the sounds our space-age washer makes, I am sure she will be fine in there. At the moment, the guest room, too, is off-limits. After Christmas, when all the wrappings are put away, we'll see. Then there is the storage room/craft room. There is far too much in there that she can climb, so for the foreseeable future, that door will remain closed. Not that she doesn't try to sneak in every time one of those secret doors is opened.

She is also fascinated by the sound of our coffee pot.

When we picked her up post-operatively, she weighed less than 6 lbs. Not really healthy for a one-year-old (approximately) cat. However, she seems to have no problems eating or filling the litter box, so I presume that will change as we go along.

The little thing was unfortunately named Mouse at the shelter, and it seems to have stuck. She is so not a mouse. She is inquisitive and active and loves people. She loves to snuggle up to you, rub her face on your cheek and then put one paw on each shoulder and hug you. At night, she likes to drape herself across us.  My mind boggles at why she was a stray. For the most part, when you tell her no, she listens. She does have a fascination for the Christmas tree though.

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  1. Beautiful cat! Congrats on your newest family member. :) Mine is obsessed with the Christmas tree too. We had to give up on real trees because she chewed all the needles off and dehydrated the thing by drinking all its water.