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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - DeLong and Sellers and Mitchell & Sellers

 From the Lexington Herald, Lexington, Kentucky, 20 December 1906, section 2, p2

The double wedding of two attractive sisters, Miss Henrietta Sellers to Mr. Lawrence Jasper Mitchell and Miss Clara Sellers to Mr. Arthur Ami DeLong was celebrated yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the East Hickman Baptist Church, the Rev. Mr. A. R. Willet officiating. It was a beautiful wedding in all details and the attractive little church was crowded with friends for the impressive ceremony. Mrs. Allan McDowell, of Nicholasville, who presided at the organ played a beautiful program of music during the moments of waiting and Lohengrin's bridal chorus and Mendelssohn's wedding march for the entrance and departure of the bridal party. From the windows to the center chandeliers in the church were garlands of smilax forming a pretty picture overhead; the altar was banked with palms and ferns and where the bridal couples stood for the ceremony, hung a beautiful white wedding bell. First came the bridesmaids up the right aisle, Miss Martha Baker, of Nicholasville and Miss Clara Sellers of Versailles, followed by Miss Helen Baker, of Nicholasville and Miss Madge Reynolds of Missouri. They wore stylish tailor suits of broadcloth and picture hats and coming slowly behind them were the two charming brides. They wore beautiful gowns of blue chiffon broadcloth with large blue picture hats and as they neared the altar, they were joined by the bridegrooms who entered the left aisle followed by the groomsmen, Messrs Sidney DeLong, John Clarke, Melvin Knight and Wallace Sellers, of Lexington. The picture formed was a beautiful and impressive one as the four young people stood to take the marriage vows and as the responses were made "Hearts and Flowers" was softly played.

The ceremony was followed by congratulations and the bridal party was then driven to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mitchell near Nicholasville, the parents of one of the bridegrooms, where they were entertained with a beautiful dinner. The evening was happily spent drinking to the health of the popular couples and an elegant dinner of several courses was served. The lovely brides are two of the county's most attractive accomplished girls. They are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sellers and have always been social favorites. The bridegrooms are prosperous young farmers and are both very popular. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell will go immediately to housekeeping on a pretty farm on Union Mills Road and Mr. and Mrs. DeLong will keep house at his attractive country place on the Tates Creek Road. They were remembered with many handsome gifts and their host of friends are extending to them their best wishes and congratulations.

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