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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Too-Too Thursday-Two Days After Christmas

I had hoped to get the Christmas Tree down yesterday, but no such luck. It rained most of the day, then rained and snowed and since our stuff is all stored in the shed, I just didn't want to deal with it. It has become quite the challenge to keep the cat from scaling the tree and stripping it of any and all decorations.

I'm still recuperating from Christmas eve and Christmas day. Christmas eve was spent with our daughters, and younger daughters boyfriend and his 5 year old. It's been a long time since I was in the company of a 5 year old. He likes to help, so he helped set the table and we gave him a plastic knife so he could practice his cutting skills. It was a struggle for him, but he did it. He also chose who sat where. Now I understand my mom's statement "I'm glad they came, but I'm glad they went home." How she did it with her grandchildren, who were fairly widely spaced, is beyond me. But it was really nice to have a child in the house.

Christmas day was quieter. Older daughter spent the night and most of the day with us. We had a chicken pot pie that I made and froze after Thanksgiving. Wednesday, we were back to ham left overs. In a couple of weeks, when the ham has become a memory, I will drag out the ham bone I froze and make soup. 

Today, it is off to the doctor's for a checkup. Why I made the appointment for 2 days after Christmas, I have no idea.

Right now I am enjoying the relative quiet in the house and the neighborhood. Think I'll pour another cup of coffee!
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