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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are You GenSmart?

One of my favorite programs is a neat program called GenSmarts. I've used this program for years and years and it comes in handy when I am working in a particular area or repository, such as the Missouri State Archives, looking for deaths that may have occurred during the period of 1910 to 1962.

Today, I found a death on Find-a-Grave that occurred in 1965. It's been added to that Missouri Death Certificates To-Do list. Since Missouri is one of those states that I keep returning to, it's important to review what I need to look for from time to time.

You can find more information here. I am not paid, nor is this a solicited comment. I just find the program very, very useful.

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  1. Hey, that software looks pretty helpful. I've always wondered if there was an automated way to find the gaps.

  2. I've found it useful over the years and I don't use it to its full potential.