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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Too-Too Thursday - Feline Follies

So far it has been an extremely busy but productive week. We got our garden planted and raspberries and grapes. Wednesday it rained, so the focus went back inside and back on my research.

Unfortunately, Miss Mouse the cat decided she wanted to help me type my blog post. She kept her paw on my hand, sometimes trying to pull it away from the keyboard. She's felt really lonely with us working outside so much. We discovered last week that she is a feline Houdini and can escape from her halter even when closely watched, so no more outdoor time for her. Sometimes I wish she could talk (English) and tell us what she wants. Mostly I can tell what she wants from how she acts. But I am still not fluent in feline. She is a very expressive cat, for sure.

Mostly, I have been trying to get in some research when she is otherwise occupied, or occupying someone else's desk!

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