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Friday, April 12, 2013

My Own Personal Wayback Machine

I've blogged about my brick walls in my 5 generation chart before, this one I have to go back 7 generations (including me.)

I actually do pretty well until I get to this generation. My first hole here are the parents of Nathaniel Davidson, my great-great-great grandfather.

I have a copies of some paperwork regarding Nathaniel. One is a deed, one is his marriage to Ann Estes and the third is a letter from John Davidson to his father written in Claiborne, Louisiana in 1828, probably replying to a letter from his father in regards to the death of John's mother.  Nathaniel's own son was also named John and born in 1830. Was John the letter writer, Nathaniel' s father?

The 1850 census tells me,  for what it is worth, that Nathaniel was born in Kentucky in 1797.  Their daughter, Susan, the widow of John Stearns Percival, and the second wife of Thomas Holt, does indeed give both parents' birth places as Kentucky.

It's possible that Nathaniel knew his wife before he moved to Missouri. Ann Estes was the daughter of Littleberry Estes and Mary Ann "Polly" Wade. Ann was born in Madison, Kentucky in 1806.

As you can see, I have a lot of suppositions. Every so often, I dust my theories off and start searching again. Someday, I will find that paper trail.

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