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Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Mornin' - Projects

One of the best emails I got last week was the notice from the Missouri Archives Volunteer coordinator about the index I worked on for the Independence and Jackson county Examiners. This is a joint project with the Mid-Continent Public Library. Little did I know when I was working on that project that I would be planning a trip to Missouri. I am excited about that and excited to be going with a fellow genealogist.

That was really the highlight of my weekend as it started raining Friday night and we are still getting rain 3 days later. Enough already. The outdoor projects are calling our names and we'd really like to get these completed before it gets too hot to work outside!

Not that I don't have indoor projects. We are still waiting to hear about the cabinets we had commissioned for my craft room and our living room. We were warned that we are a filler job, and that isn't an issue, just means that I will need to have the craft room completely cleaned out before I head to Missouri and it's possible it could be completed while I am gone. Can we say trepidation?

Well, I guess it is back to work on my research, house cleaning, laundry, etc.

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