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Monday, April 8, 2013

It WAS a Really Nice Weekend.

Glorious weather here in mid-TN meant that on Saturday morning, DH and I emptied the spa, cleaned it and then refilled it. After that, we went to Dogapalooza at Dogwood Park. No, we don't have a dog, and now that we have Mouse the cat, probably will not get one.

Sunday, I spent getting the spa chemicals up to speed. This is an instance where soft water is not so great. I also took Mouse for a walk around the house on a leash. And yes, she loves the great outdoors. Whines to go out whenever we do. It's funny to watch her because she will walk great until she hears a noise, like the flag flapping on the flagpole, a car, a dog, a  bird. Then she will flatten herself on the ground.

Late last night I played on GenSmarts for a while, looking at Missouri Deaths trying to locate some people. Actually, while looking for the spouse of one person, I found his headstone on Find-A-Grave. His mother, Julia Bowman Weber, was my first cousin three times removed. Then I found his second wife, who died in 1962. Roy died in 1941. So I am following the paper trail once again ...

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