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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sympathy Saturday - Michael Martin Zalot

On April 5, 1986 in Sterling Heights, Michigan, my husband's uncle, Martin Zalot passed away. This was just 4 days after his mother had passed at the age of 91. Michael was 72.

Uncle Mike, as I knew him was a warm and generous man. When hubby and I were first married, my father-in-law found some cupboards someone had discarded and Uncle Mike and f-i-l came and installed them in our laundry room.

I remember crocheting an afghan for him. On a visit to his son's house in Phoenix some five or six years later, the afghan was displayed on the back of the sofa. It made me feel so good to tell Mike's son that I had made it.

Mike donated his body to science. He is still missed.

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