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Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Back - Or How I Got My Obsessive Compulsive Research Disease Back!

Yes, I do have OCRD. And I admit it. And it's been missing in action for months now, except for a brief period when I was hunting down the 1940 census.

My post for last Sympathy Saturday was in regards to William Martin Carter, DDS, a first cousin four times removed. After I wrote my post, I realized I had nothing on his two daughters, Frances and Marguerite. Frances was easy to locate in the marriage records - she married Atwell L. Bohling - and in the Missouri Death records. Marguerite? Not so much. I had to stand on my left knee hopping up and down in a circle while chanting "Find Her." Finally, she was found, I think. A marriage record for Marguerite Carter and H. Wilford McDade was found. No death records in Missouri. A search of the census finds them in Texas. Fine. A death record for Halley Wilford McDade was found in the Texas Death records on Family Search. I tried to open the image. Nope. I had to sign in first. Still nope. Family Search contacted. Still no response. Finally, Saturday evening I was able to open and save it.  The census did show the family with 3 daughters: Jane, Mary F. and Marguerite. 

A search of newspapers on Ancestry elicited a marriage announcement for their Marguerite & H. W.'s daughter. Fine and dandy, but still looking for that death certificate for Marguerite that will confirm her as William Martin Carter's daughter. And adding a generation or two would be nice also. Back to work.

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