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Friday, October 11, 2013

Other Marriage Records That Surprised Me!

My mother's family must have had a thing about getting married in Ohio. When I plugged in Zimmeth I got the following marriages:

1.  Leo Zimmeth & Adele R. Kasten. I knew they were married, and the East Tawas, Michigan parish that Leo was baptized at indicated he got married in Missouri. Well, a check of those marriage records came up zip, zilch, nada. So I was really surprised to find out that he got married in Toledo, Ohio.  They got married April 29, 1929. Leo was my mother's first cousin and the oldest child of George & Julia (Blust) Zimmeth. I think the marriage ended in divorce.

2.  Mary Zimmeth & William B. Eager. I knew about this marriage, but again, did not realize that they got married in Ohio. Mary didn't tell me this when I talked to her many years ago.  They got married September 14, 1931 in Toledo. Mary is Leo's sister. They, too were divorced.

3. Charlotte Whiteside & Floyd Hamather. Charlotte apparently was working as a telephone operator in Bowling Green, Ohio when she married Floyd on April 12, 1939.  Charlotte was my mother's first cousin and was the daughter of Samuel Whiteside and Mary (May) Zimmeth. May was my grandfather's sister.

One things all of these cousins had in common were that they were all much older than my mother and her siblings.

Charlotte was born in 1904, Leo was born in 1907, and Mary was born in 1913.  My grandparents weren't even married until 1922.

It was a very productive night!

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  1. It seems like Ohio was one of those states with no waiting period to get a marriage licence?