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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What the Heck, Family Search?

As is my custom, I went to Family Search to see what new or updated marriage records they had. Bingo! Found my mom and dad's marriage record. Of course, I had it already. I got it after my dad died, when my mom applied for his Veteran's benefits. Apparently, my parents didn't have a copy of their own marriage record handy? We had the church one that took place 7 months later, but not the actual Ohio elopement one.

So I have this record and it is very readable. However, apparently the indexer goofed and put my mom's name as ... Q. Zimmeth. No idea why that is like that.

So I scrolled to the right hand page and there listed right after my folks were the Badgeros. Bill and Janet were the couple that my folks traveled to Fremont, Ohio with so that they could be Bill and Janet's witnesses.

I understand when a record is hard to decipher, but this one wasn't. Sigh.

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