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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Too-Too Thursday: So Much for Packing Light!

Yes, I know we have almost three weeks until our next trip, but already, I am planning what is going with me - besides clothing. I always take my laptop with me, since that is an invaluable tool. Also, I am taking my portable printer too! I took it last trip, but didn't need it. This time, with our plan of going to the cemetery on arrival and getting some photos of the cemetery plot map first, I figure it will be easier to print if I take the printer with us and have the photos of the plot map on hand.

I love this little printer. It's a Canon inkjet and I have had it for YEARS.  It's lasted longer than any computer I've ever owned, that's for sure! So then the question becomes, do I take the big rolling computer case or the smaller shoulder ones. I can get my laptop and printer in the rolling case, so that is probably the route I will take. DH and I have found as we get older, that if more of our luggage rolls, the better!

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