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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Too-Too Thursday - Trick-or-Treat!

Life has been good lately, but extremely busy. It seems every time I sit down to work in my little office, something comes up that requires my attention. I have the feeling of being stretched like a piece of taffy.  Which reminds me of Laffy Taffy!

With it being Halloween, I dragged out some old pictures of Halloweens past. As you can see, I am on the left in both photos. And apparently, I like dressing up as a man! Who knew? Actually, guy clothes in our house were really big on me, so I have to wonder about the jacket in the first photo. Skinny tie must be my older brothers.

 Obviously, I went out trick-or-treating way past the age when most kids stopped. In 1964, I was 12. In the second photo? I was closing in on 32. My own daughters inherited my love of Halloween from me, I am sure.
Me & the girls!
Our neighborhood is an older one, and when we first moved here we had maybe a dozen trick-or-treaters. Now, not one. Kind of makes me sad. 

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