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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Say What?

No pictures of a tombstone today, as I have not yet uploaded the pictures I took today. Yes, DH and I spent the morning in a cemetery. Lexington Cemetery. One of my favorites.

Yesterday, we stopped at the cemetery office and I took pictures of the sections I wanted to visit. At least all the numbered sections. We've visited section A through O in the past, and the letter-number sections and today was supposed to be easy. Because we could find the lots with the printouts I made. Theoretically. Graves are hard to find if there are no stones. Then sometimes the back of the stone says one thing and the front says another. But that particular stone is for another day!

Some of the stones we found, were pretty self explanatory. Others. Hmm. One gravesite we did visit today was for the Chinn-Runyon family. Specifically, Addison Ball Chinn who was my second great-granduncle. I have written about him, he was murdered in his own home. I wrote the first of three parts to this Thriller Thursday in 2010, and you can read it here, here, and here. There is a family stone and simple headstones.

The easiest plot was the John B. Bowman one. He was a first cousin 4 times removed and the founder of the University of Kentucky. You can visit this page to read about his monument. I hope that we can read the writing on the monument in the pictures that I took. I guess I will find out when I upload them later.

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