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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Thank You, Family Search! I think?

Yesterday's post was about the indexing on my parent's marriage record. Really, someone should have checked that one.

Today's is not without issues either. But I am happy, nonetheless. The record is for Catherine Simmet and Christian Brinkman. I am reasonably sure that this is Christian Brickman and Catherine Zimmeth.

The marriage license is issued in Erie county, Ohio. I know the family lived in the Sandusky area in the mid 1800s. How Catherine got there, I don't know. Her parents were my great-great grandparents, Joseph Zimmeth and Catherine Boegler, who lived in Erie county, New York.

There are lots of issues with Zimmeth and Simmet. One of Joseph's son's, Michael, used Zimmeth and Simmeth interchangeably. One of Michael's sons, Frank, used Simmet.

So back to Christian and Catherine. Their marriage license was issued on February 11th, 1850. And it is indexed as Brinkman and Simmet. Their ages and the location are right.

Christian could not write - at least not in English. He made his mark on the license.

I know that the marriage ended in 1863 with Catherine's death in Erie county, Ohio. In 1865, her some of her children are living with their grandparents in Lancaster, New York. They are indexed as Brakeman. So my gut instinct is to go with Brickman and not Brinkman. But still, both names need to be searched.

At any rate, no notation is made for an actual marriage date.  Here is the license.

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