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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - What the Heck?

The stone above seems innocuous enough, but it through me for a loop. Yes, I expected to find Price and Harvey Parker in Lexington (KY) Cemetery, but not with what was engraved on the back, which unfortunately, I did not get a picture of. The back of the stone says Kirtley. I expected to find Kelly Kirtley buried there with Price and Harvey.

You see, Kelly and Price were brother and sister. They were the children of Isaac Shelby Kirtley and Susan Anna Chinn. Shelby was my first cousin four times removed and Susan Anna was my second great grand aunt. That makes their children related to me several times over. After Isaac and Susan's deaths, they were raised Price, or more properly, Sterling Price Kirtley, was raised by her aunt Hester Chinn Trapp, in Lexington, Kentucky (their parents died in Lexington, Missouri.)

So, unfortunately, no trace of Kelly Kirtley was to be found. My suspicion is that after he murdered a young woman and committed suicide, the family did not want a marker in the cemetery for him.

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