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Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 Census Revisited

After filling out the 2010 census for our family, I begin to wonder if it would even be worth it for it to be filmed. Apparently, no one cares where we were born. I did my best to leave clues for my future (?) descendants and inserted my first name and maiden name into the census. It will leave them guessing about the move to Tennessee though! Actually, it seemed to me if you weren't of Spanish/Mexican descent, they didn't really care about you at all!

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  1. I am not to worried about how information on the 2010 census will affect the genealogical research of my descendants. We are the last generation who was not assigned Social Security numbers at birth, but we all do have them. Those numbers link to information that either we or our mothers provided which tells our birth place. Unless I lied, or my mother lied, my descendants are safe. And if my mother lied (and I have found cases where she inconveniently tried to hide the truth on some things) there will be far more comparative information than is available for my 1820's ancestors. I was actually quite pleased, since the census asked if the children in the household were adopted or biological. I wish the 1850 census had asked a relationship, and what kind!

  2. Actually, I think that was part of the 1986 tax reform. Both my children were born before 1986. However, we opted to get them cards so we could start investing for their college funds.

    When you could order an SS-5 for $6, I did. I am reluctant to pay $25 each for that information, so I use the census and vital records where available.

  3. You must have been reading my mind because that's exactly how I felt about this census.