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Friday, November 5, 2010

Diamonds Are Forever

In my real life I am a retired northern city employee. In our real lives, DH and I have taken care of some "business" that everyone needs to deal with at one time or another: Durable Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Durable Health Care Power of Attorney and Last Wills & Testaments.

It made me think of all the wills of ancestors that I have transcribed. And there have been lots of them. You just never think that you have much to leave behind, but really that isn't true. 

I realize those are serious things, but today as we were signing our living wills that have our final wishes stated clearly, I joked about DH having me cremated and forced to carry me with him all the time. Actually, I have joked about it for 31 years. One of our witnesses piped up with the information that there are companies that turn cremains into diamonds. Now I know DH is too cheap to have me turned into a diamond, but just think what a lasting gift that can be. Snicker. Okay, I'm ROTFLMAO. I can't help it.

If you are interested, this site has a price list!

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  1. What an interesting site. Did you see they will even make diamonds from your pet? My mind has had many thoughts on this, starting at eerie down through weird, strange, and a rip off. But someone gets these done, or they wouldn't be in business, right? I just can't grasp this one though...I am laughing with you!

  2. I'm picturing DH carrying you around in a little orange, pumpkin-shaped Halloween bucket. With a lid, of course.

  3. How about I take the 20K and spread Buddy's ashes from my Hawaiian penthouse suite that I'll rent for two weeks?

  4. Cheryl: It sure did hit me as hilarious.

    Unmitigated: I had a watch case or locket in mind. Sort of like a horcrux.

    Hawaii, well I guess that is one way to see it. Can you see trying to explain ashes to airport security?

  5. Now that I have recovered from the choking fit I had as I read this (I was taking a drink), I am still laughing my head off. No, I take that back I am ROTFLMAO. It certainly is intriguing but somehow I don't see my Dear Husband wanting to carry me around for the next umpteen years in any form.

    I like Unmitigated's idea!

  6. Michelle: I can't see my DH carrying me around either. However, I can see myself wearing him as jewelry!