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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thriller Thursday - James B. S. Kirtley

From the Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Missouri, obituary, 13 January 1894, p1


James B. Kirtley of 1707 College Avenue Run Down on the Belt Line Tracks.

James B. Kirtley, a wealthy real estate owner, whose home was at 1707 College avenue, was run over and fatally injured by a Milwaukee Railway switch engine at Twentieth Street and Flora avenue, about 8:30 o'clock this morning and died at the city hospital three hours later.

Kirtley's sister, Miss Montebelle Kirtley lives at 2112 Harrison street, and he was going there to arrange for his two young daughters to spend their school holiday with her today. He was walking down the tracks talking with some companions when a Belt line engine approached from the west. He stepped on the second track in front of a Milwaukee switch engine backing down behind him. He was knocked down and both legs were cut off above the knee.  His companions were not hurt. Police Sergeant Casey called the ambulance and Kirtley was taken to the city hospital.

Kirtley was reared in Lafayette County, Mo., and was 47 years of age. He came to Kansas City nine years ago. His wife died not long ago leaving two daughters 12 and 14 years of age.  His aged mother, Mrs. E. E. Kirtley, still lives at Dover, Mo. Coroner Langsdale will hold an inquest Monday.

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