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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mystery Monday - Sarah Etta Dunham Hart

While looking for a specific Percival related family on the Beta Family Search site last week, I came across a death certificate for Sarah Etta Hart, daughter of Jobe Durham and Hannah Purciville.  I know, how silly of me not to be searching for Purcivilles too. The obvious errors are her father's names. He was Job DUNHAM not Durham and Job was married to Hannah Percival, not Purciville. I knew that Hannah was the daughter of Cullen Percival & Rachel Quigley. Finding Sarah Etta's death certificate was a surprise, because I had no evidence of her living there. The last census she appeared on was 1910 in Michigan and she died in 1912 in Texas.

One of the mysteries solved was the use of Sarah and Etta in the same record. I had a Sarah Dunham in her birth record and an Etta Dunham in the marriage record to James A. Hart. Her death certificate in Texas proves that Sarah and Etta are the same person.

No other family members are buried with Sarah Etta in Texas, and that too puzzled me. I think I've found her husband James A. Hart buried in Michigan, courtesy of Find-A-Grave. What I can't find on James is something other than his marriage record that states his parents' names. His marriage record states Roswell Hart and Marie Beaman are his parents. BUT, can you hear my hopes deflating here? He is not enumerated on any census with them. Now, it is possible that James could be James Austin Hart, but I haven't been able to prove that yet. The mystery continues.

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