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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thriller Thursday - The Runaway Horse and Robert S Kirtley, Part Two

The Kansas City (MO) Star, July 16, 1895.


Succumbed to His Injuries One Week From the Day He was Hurt.

Shortly before 6 o'clock this morning Robert S. Kirtley of Kirtley Bros. plumbers 1213 Walnut Street, died at All Saints Hospital, the result of injuries received in an accident at Twenty-fifth and Penn streets a week ago today.

Last Tuesday Mr. Kirtley hired a carriage at W. F. Cantwell's livery stables at Eighth & Walnut streets and started out for a drive with his wife, daughter and James Millhoff of Louisville, Kentucky. At Twenty-fifth and Penn streets the bolt which held the left side of the carriage tongue to the axle dropped out, letting the carriage plunge forward against the horses. Being high spirited animals they became excited and ran away down the hills which slopes from Twenty-fifth street to the Belt line tracks at Twenty-second street. At Twenty-fourth street the carriage was upset, throwing the occupants to the hard pavement with great force. Mrs. Kirtley and her daughter fell on Mr. Kirtley and Mr. Millhoff and escaped with slight injuries. Mr. Millhoff had his chin gashed, while Mr. Kirtley received the worst injuries. He was taken to All Saints hospital in an unconscious condition. A diagnosis of his case showed that he was suffering from concussion of the brain, a fracture of the skull and serious internal injuries.  For six days he lay at the hospital, at times regaining consciousness for a few minutes, only to relapse into a semi-comatose condition again.  At two o'clock this morning he suddenly became worse and sank rapidly until he died, a few minutes before 6 o'clock this morning. The body was removed to the undertaking establishment of E. Stine and Sons.

The funeral will be held Thursday morning at 10 o'clock from the Olive Street Baptist church, Ninth and Olive streets. The Rev. Dr. T. E. Vassar, pastor of the First Baptist church, assisted by the Rev. C. G. Skillman of Springfield, Mo., will conduct the funeral exercises. Burial will be made in Elmwood Cemetery. The active Pall bearers will be J. A. Oates, Jason Hidden, Captain Hurts, B. F. Clements, J. F. Russell and J. Holman.

Mr. Kirtley was born in Boone County, Ky., near Petersburg, forty-seven years ago. On attaining his majority, he became a traveling salesman for a wholesale tea and coffee house in Cincinnati, O. Later he was in the employ of J. M. Kirtley & Bros., commission merchants, of that place. In May, 1887, he came to Kansas City and went to work for the plumbing firm of Rile, Kirtley & Duncan. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Duncan retired, and in 1889 the firm was dissolved and a new one was formed, known henceforth as Kirtley Bros., of which Mr. Kirtley was a member.

A wife and five children, three of whom are girls, survive Mr. Kirtley. Jessie Kirtley, aged 19 is the oldest of the children.

Shortly after coming to Kansas City, Mr. Kirtley became a member of the Olive Street Baptist Church. His father was a Baptist Preacher, well known over the state of Kentucky.

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