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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Letters From My Grandfather

In all the letters I have transcribed, there have only been two references to my grandmother, who died in 1938. This is the second in a letter dated April 12, 1943 to my Uncle Johnny:

  " It is difficult for me to speak or write of affection for you or Frank, but I would be a very peculiar parent indeed, if I did not have great affection for both you and Frank and since your Mother's death all of my affection has been given you boys, however inexpressive I have been it just isn't my nature to be otherwise. I am thinking of you boys at all times and of you a particularly large amount of my waking hours since you have been away in the army.  "

Some things run in the family.

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  1. What a sweet note...why is it difficult for most men (and many women) to express their love for another?