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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thriller Thursday - More Like Thankful Thursday

It's Thanksgiving and instead of posting a Thriller, I will tell you about our own thriller last week.

Tuesday afternoon, shortly after lunch, DH and I were doing those mundane household tasks, listening to the wind gusts, when we felt the house shake. Sure enough, one of the large oak trees in our back yard bit the dust. And I mean the tree, not just a limb or two. Fortunately, the wind was coming out of the southwest and blew the tree north east. It missed our shed, it missed the house. It left small branches all over the roof of the house, and the deck and the very top of it rested on the grill. On it's way down, it managed to clip a small tree to the east of our shed and it took out about two-thirds of the crown of our glorious backyard maple tree. An otherwise healthy tree. When the tree guys came, he and hubby picked out other trees to come down - even though there were at least 3 that could have come down - the total devastation was 11 trees one in the front. The smaller trees - mostly dogwoods - would have had to come out sooner or later, but we effectively lost three of four large shade trees in our back yard. I could almost cry about it.

Instead I am thankful for the fact that no one was hurt and there was no damage other than a little dent in our grill.

I am thankful that although we can't all be together, that our youngest will be spending Thanksgiving at one of her aunts. 

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  1. At least I will be there in less than 4 weeks to celebrate Christmas with you!! LOVE YOU!