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Friday, December 6, 2013

Finally, Friday! One Thing Done!

For the last week, I've been working on seeing what went wrong with the GEDCom import from RootsMagic v 6 to Legacy 8. Once I realized I hadn't turned off the color coding before the import I decided to save the file and just delete those items. I took my 177 page error file and took it down to 60 pages. A lot easier to deal with. Thursday night I finished reviewing and editing the people indicated in the report. Whew! Happy dance. Much celebration here in Mid Tennessee.

Not out of the water yet. There is a difference between how RootsMagic handled christenings or baptisms and how Legacy does. That generated what was originally an 87 page report. Once I figured out I could turn off birth and death information in the report, I re-ran it and got it down to 33 pages. A lot more reasonable to deal with. And Legacy has a neat little option for swapping my christening fact for theirs. Which is what I am doing now.

In redoing lots of to do items - the downside being that Legacy does not have a family to-do capability - I found some more information. Of course that has added to my pile on my desk. Eventually I will get through it.

I am still waiting for my manual that I ordered. USPS tells me it is on the way - 2 day priority is taking more than 2 days. I am sure that will make things a little easier. Yes, I do have the PDF version of it too, but sometimes when you open to a page in a book, it makes explanations clearer than trying to print all the links for a specific manual subject. And I sure could use some shortcuts. The one thing I really liked about RootsMagic was the ability to hardly ever use the touchpad or in the case of my new laptop, my mouse. I am much better at keyboarding the pointing and clicking. Go figure!

I have made the commitment to Legacy 8, only entering information in it instead of both programs. One has the capability of a great app that can be synced with my database, the other has a fairly minimal show and tell app.

I hope to work more on it today, but since we are hosting the Blue Cross Bowl or the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association Football games, I might watch more of that!  I could probably do that while I put up the Christmas tree. Decisions, decisions.

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