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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Adventures with Legacy 8 Deluxe

First, I have to thank the Support Team at Legacy Family Tree. They have been very helpful in my transfer from RootsMagic. Since I got Legacy Family Tree on November 26th, I've only used RootsMagic as a reference. Which means that basically I am just making corrections or conversions of my old data.

Today I sent my 31 MB GEDCOM file so they could see some of the issues I encountered. I hope it helps.

Last week on December 3rd, I got notification that my Manual and backup CD were on their way.  It is now the 10th and I still don't have them. Being sent Priority mail too. Finally, when I clicked on the USPS Confirmation/Tracking number I get this message for yesterday: PROCESSED THROUGH USPS SORT FACILITY and 4 different times. Looks like it finally departed the USPS sort facility today. Well, I should have it soon. It might help on some of the issues I've been having with sentence structure.

Then yesterday, I did discover that I do have my 2012 Christmas card list on my new laptop. Don't know how I missed it before. Now, I need to go out to the shed and retrieve last year's cards so that I can double check addresses.

And did I mention I still have most of my shopping to do? I haven't even started my DH. Hmmmm. That's all I am saying about that.

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