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Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday - The Start of Another Busy Week!

I've been working sporadically on my other Legacy 8 project while waiting for the manual to show up, swapping my old baptismal events which I converted to christening events, to the Legacy 8 christening event. Fortunately, I had only 32-1/3 pages of them. Now I have 22-1/3 pages. I can pretty much do this swapping using only the keyboard except for getting to the person's edit screen. I haven't quite figured out the shortcut for that!

My tree went up on Friday. It's a 9 foot tall pencil style. Since my ceiling in my living room is vaulted, there is plenty of room for it. And of course, Miss Mouse the cat has made it her personal project to climb it. It's hard to yell at her when you are laughing at the expression on her face which is the only thing sticking out of the branches. I am really trying to discourage her from climbing it and pulling the ornaments off. Fortunately, they are made of fabric, so she can't hurt them too much. I'll know I'm in trouble when I see her carrying them off to her hiding places.

Lots of appointments this week, leaving little time for Christmas shopping, cards, wrapping, etc. Since there aren't too many days left, I think I will have to fit this stuff in one way or another. The weather has been genuinely nasty, and there is something about shopping in pouring rain that is very un-Christmas-like!

My lists are calling my name!

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