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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Too-Too Thursday - After Christmas Lag

We had a truly wonderful Christmas with our kids and younger daughter's man and boy. And on Christmas morning, they made breakfast for us! I don't normally make breakfast in the morning. Mostly because I am not a morning person. It's usually all I can do to get a cup of coffee to my mouth without spilling it in the morning. Then older daughter returned for dinner on Christmas. It was a very quiet evening.

The tree WILL come down today. No more fighting with the cat about chewing on the cord, pulling the ornaments off and climbing it. Really. My first cat, Miss Perfect, otherwise known as Mandy NEVER played with the ornaments or climbed the tree. Mostly she slept under it. She was a good cat. She's the reason it took us so long to adopt another pet, it was hard to not compare any animal with the sweetness that was Mandy.

Not that Mouse isn't sweet. She is truly adorable. And loves to snuggle. And climb Christmas trees.

Also, when my house is de-Christmasfied I can go back to my genealogy database cleanup while I wait for older daughter's house to close -11 days and counting. And I hope to get into my craft room and make a craft for me!

Hope your holiday was wonderful!

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