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Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Moanin' Recap

Let's see, over the weekend I:

1. Enjoyed a visit from younger daughter on Saturday afternoon. It included lunch with hubby and both daughters. Then a visit to our local home improvement store to look at paint samples, bathroom accoutrements and tile for older daughter's new home. Then dinner with both kids.

2. Made boxes for some gifts. Then put gifts in boxes. Wrapped other gifts.

3. Shopped online. Hubby has finally started giving me gift ideas.

4. Chased cat away from Christmas tree. This accounted for a good part of my weekend.

5. Made leftover spaghetti for Sunday dinner.  Started wrapping stocking stuffers.

I still have stuff to put out for Christmas. And gifts to shop for. Cleaning, organizing, menu planning, etc.

I still have cards to address. This is Monday's project after return from shopping!

No genealogy in store for me this week.

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