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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Too-Too Thursday - Moving Right Along

 I am getting some things accomplished - about half way through with my RootsMagic to Legacy 8 transfer project. I wish I was making the same kind of headway through my piles o' paper.

Alas, other things are coming up instead. And of course, I should be either wrapping gifts, shopping for gifts or addressing Christmas cards. Instead, I am booked for appointments this week. Today, I head into our local Social Security office to get myself set up for my pension. Oh yeah! That's probably the most exciting thing I have going this week. Sure beats yesterday's 9 am dentist appointment!

Is anyone else really working on their family history this time of year? I work on it at night mostly when I can't sleep. It's pretty repetitive, so it doesn't take long to have that sedative effect. So, depending on how wide awake I am I might get two to four pages of corrections done. I am converting my RootsMagic baptism/christenings to Legacy christenings. I can't believe how many christening records I have!

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  1. I'm doing some indexing of Alsace records, specifically the Gunstett ones during the French Revolution. It's slow work because... Any idea why they would use Gothic German script during the French Revolution? Shouldn't it be the German Revolution then?

  2. I hate the French calendar from that time period. My "French" Alsatians spoke German.