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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday To - Dos!

Okay, I knocked some things off my Christmas shopping list. That is a huge thing. However, when I went to print my address labels so I can send cards off, I discovered that Libre Office imported last years labels as 33 on a page instead of 30. AND, I couldn't just copy and paste into a new file. Just add this to one of things I really hate about windows 8. And yes, I opted NOT to purchase Microsoft Office 20xx. I have no idea what version they are on and I am tired of it. Is it too much to expect things to work properly?

So tomorrow? Well, I still need to keep typing in the addresses so I can print the labels, as I am NOT addressing them by hand. Then I need to grocery shop, Christmas shop and finish up some crafts. And start a craft. And then finish it.

And unfortunately, the little Genealogy elves have not done anything with my pile-o-paper, either. 

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