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Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday - The Countdown

Daughter is moving in eight days. Actually, closing is in one week. We have been trying to help her with various things, including in making a box of weird things she needs for around the house. Like furniture moving pads, shelf liner, and arranging for new locks. I've forgotten how much work it is to move, but at least she is only moving 2 miles instead of interstate!

I remember our moves vividly. Our first home in Canton Township, Michigan, mostly because I contracted pneumonia that weekend. Our second home in Redford Township, was more or less uneventful, except this time we had two small children besides all the furniture and stuff.

The next move, to Livonia, Michigan I remember very vividly because I was sick for a week before moving with a high fever and still things got packed up and moved. Really glad we had movers for that!

Then we moved from Livonia to Cookeville, Tennessee, a move of 600 hundred miles. Again, movers for that and I will admit that was the scariest move of all. Things went missing during that move that I finally found this year.

Then our last move, hopefully, which was about a mile from the condo we rented. It didn't take long since so much of our stuff didn't get unpacked in the 8 months we were in the condo.

While I am very excited for our daughter's move, I don't envy the work involved. Been there, done that!

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