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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The 2010 Census

I can't believe ten years have passed since I filled out the 2000 census. And forgot to mail it back, so a census taker hunted us down!

Are you planning on filling out the 2010 census? I know you're supposed too, but, it is obvious that they really can't count every one.

Since the last census, hubby and I have moved from Michigan to Tennessee. On the 2000 census, I put my maiden name in for my middle name. I will do the same for the 2010 census because I want my descendants (if our progeny ever procreates) to find me. Will they be surprised to find us here?

It makes me wonder exactly who and what filled out my Zimmeth grandparents census. My grandfather could sign his name, but was a natural left-hander whose father forced him to write right-handed. My grandmother was ill with tuberculosis and died the following year. Even though she is listed as living with them, I wouldn't bet on it. Most of the time, my mother, aunt and uncle lived with relatives. Somehow they were written as Zimeth and grandma appears to be Louyetta instead of Luetta.

Will my descendants in 2082 find our last name has been butchered so much that we are impossible to find? I hope not!

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