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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aliens Dropped Him from a Spaceship

I know I've talked about those to do folders sitting in my file cabinets behind almost every surname. I also keep a virtual one called Needs Work on my laptop. I think I owe this idea to friend/cousin Carol over at Reflections From the Fence. Anyway, over the last year I have relegated a lot of digital images to this file. Some that are about the join it refer to the Percival/Allen/Scott/Slaughter line of Adair and Macon counties in Missouri. 

The Percival in question is one Jared Erastus Percival aka Erastus Percival. He married Susan Allen in 1864 and they had two children Elizabeth M, born 1865 and died in 1866; and Mary "Emma" born 1868.

Besides his marriage record, Civil War record (he was discharged because he was unable to speak) and Civil War Pension application and the headstone in the cemetery, there is no other information on this man. It seems he was either hatched or dropped from a spaceship.

I can find no obituary for him, no death record, and maddeningly no census. If he was born circa 1840, he should at least appear in 1850 and 1860. Nothing. Nada. Zip & Zilch!

I've posted him to the Percival list over at Rootsweb and hopefully someone knows who  the heck he is! otherwise it appears they will end up in that Needs Work file. [Since writing this, I have been given a lead that he might be from the UK. I've not been able to prove or disprove this suggestion. I am still leaning towards the spaceship scenario.]

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