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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dearth Defined!

From the online Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Definition of DEARTH

1: scarcity that makes dear; specifically : famine
2: an inadequate supply : lack <a dearth of evidence>
Particularly number 2. There has been a dearth of new databases to comment on lately at and FamilySearch. 
On FamilySearch there have been a lot of new databases added but they will have those dreaded words next to them "Browse Images." Ugh!  
Or, the database will say something like this: New York, Orange County Probate Records, 1787-1938. But when you go to browse the images 1787-1829  and 1901 to 1938 are MIA. And have you ever tried to browse those images. Sometimes they are in date order, sometimes rough alphabetical. Groan. 
Lately Ancestry has been wonderful, IF you have a World Membership. I really can't justify the cost of the World Membership for the handful of records that I can find there. So these are not really doing it for me:
New records on
 I would much rather that they fix their broken links in their many databases. They've told me they fix the ones that more people will get use out of. Hello, Ancestry? I'm a PAYING CUSTOMER, don't I count? Absolutely not. I'd rather they shut down the site for a few days and get their act together and get it fixed. There are records they claim to have linked that have had broken links for well over a year. So here's my plan.

Would all my followers who have an account please go do a search for Morris Percival in Missouri. You should find him in Missouri Death Records, 1834-1910. You should get this message:

Error Processing Request

BookInfo is Null (Invalid Page Number)

   Please try the following:

 Maybe if I get enough people to report this missing image they'll fix it?

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