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Friday, August 26, 2011

William Ball Chinn's Will

William Ball Chinn was my great-great-great-great grandfather. His wife, Sally, was the former Sally Graves. They had seven children, Joseph G. Chinn being the oldest. His two youngest sons, David and William pre-deceased him. All his daughters are mentioned in his will. I find it curious that he only mentions his grandsons William and Joseph Chinn, sons of Dr. Joseph G. Chinn and not Joseph Garland and Benjamin Graves Chinn, his other living grandsons. The only reason I can think of is that William was of course named for his grandfather and David Davis Chinn was named for William Ball Chinn's son David D. who died in 1827. I also think it curious that Susan McHatton's husband was not named.

William was born February 14, 1770 and died on February 17, 1830. 

I found this record on Family Search, Kentucky, Probate Records, 1792-1977.

Chinn, W. B. Will

I William B. Chinn of the county of Harrison and State of Kentucky being weak and sick but sound of mind as make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows viz:

First, after selling enough of my surplus property to pay off all just demands I will and bequeath the remainder of my property of every description to my beloved wife Sally Chinn during her natural life and at her death, or sooner should she see proper, my son Joseph G. Chinn shall have the Privilege of having one fifth part of my land which will be his proportionate part, run off adjoining the land whereon he now resides to be run parallel with the division line now between us or he may take the whole back by paying my daughter Matilda Wilmott or her heirs five hundred dollars at any time my wife may give up the whole tract my daughter, Fanny Harcourt or her heirs Five hundred dollars in one year there after my daughter Polly Barton or her heirs Five hundred dollars in two years and my daughter Susan McHattan or her heirs five hundred dollars in three years. Secondly, provided my daughter in law Barbara P. Chinn, widow of my son David should lose her negro girl Eliza who is now sick my wife Sally Chinn shall have the liberty to give her the sum of one hundred dollars out of my estate at any time it may be convenient for her to do so. Thirdly, the remainder of my property of every description at my wife's death I wish sold as a credit of twelve months and appraised as follows Viz. Should my son Joseph G. Chinn have his proportionate part of my land run off adjoining him then in that case I will and bequeth him the Extra sum of two hundred dollars for services rendered as a Physician in my family but Provided he should take the whole tract as above then he is not to have the aforesaid sum of two hundred dollars as I consider the price of the land and the payments to be made to my daughters are equivalent thereto. Fourthly, I will and bequeath my daughter Susan McHattan the sum of fifty dollars to make her lot of Negroes equal to what all my other children have received. Fifthly, having given my grandson William Wilmott about twenty dollars and my grandson, Joseph Davis Wilmott having received a silver watch of the estate of my dec'd son Davis, I will and bequeath to my grandson William Chinn and David  Davis Chinn, sons of Joseph G. Chinn the sum of twenty dollars each and my grandson William Barton twenty dollars and my grandson William McHatton son of my daughter Susan McHattan twenty dollars. Sixthly, the remainder of the money arising from the sale as above I wish equally divided among all my children. Lastly, I appoint my son, Joseph G. Chinn and my son in law William Barton Executors of my last will and testament. Given under my hand and seal this 6th day of February 1830.

                                William B. Chinn, L.'S.
                                Harrison County March Court 1830 session. This last will and testament of William B. Chinn dec'd was                                 proved in open court by the oaths and James E. Duval, two of the subscribing Witnesses thereto and ordered
                                to be recorded.
                                atty H. C. Moore CHC

Signed and acknowledged in Presence of:

Roger Williams, John Chinn, James E. Duval

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