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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Too-Too Thursday - A Rest of Sorts

I can't believe I could sleep in today. It sure has been a busy, busy week. Older daughter is moved and slowly unpacking. I went to look at one of her kitchen drawers today and one of her cats jumped out at me. Seems they are experts at opening cupboard doors. In this case, we think she got in through the cupboard. So, on our agenda today was to search out child safety locks!

I heard back from Legacy on my media backup issue. Well, duh, I hadn't even considered I didn't have enough space on my external hard drive. I deleted some duplicate stuff and now I am all set to back up a few times. It looks like a larger external drive might be necessary. Hah! I remember our first hard drive which was 40 megabytes. Well, that is something to look at.

And it seems we are starting to have something of a thaw with temps slightly above freezing yesterday. I think I can put my down coat away again!

Hope you all are staying warm and toasty.

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