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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Playing Catch-Up! So What Else Isn't New?

Playing catch-up on several different things. First of all is the blog. As you can see. Secondly is the pile-o-paper. I think in the last week, I've added about 100 sheets to the pile. Yes, I am trying to reduce the paper, what I print is on scrap paper and is just a reference with sources, such as Find-a-Grave entries, entries and FamilySearch stuff. Some are newspaper articles I've copied or scan. Generally for those I use Transcript (search my blog for references to this gem.)

I am getting to know Legacy pretty well at this point. There are still things I think are buggy and I hope they get fixed soon. Latest build was downloaded by me last night. Hey, Legacy, it would be nice if you told us what you were fixing in the updates. Just saying!

Back to work for me.

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