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Friday, January 24, 2014

Of Genealogy and Dialing Down

First, I got through some of my pile of paper this week. Yay, me! There is really nothing like actually entering your information in a genealogy program to learn it. I am still frustrated by the necessity of using the mouse to move around the keyboard, but have to admit that I am actually becoming accustomed to my mouse.

I am working on my Kettler/Knost/Meyer lines in Auglaize county, Ohio. Some of the work I did on this family, I did many, many years ago. I have been wading through my file system, and wondering how the heck I read these German records all those years ago. It is heartening to know that when I pick up a short stack of paper, I am seeing to-do lists and cemetery book from our trip to Lexington, Kentucky last fall! Woo hoo. The cemetery book that I keep is about a third of this pile. It's slow but progress is being made.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, which in effect supplies or controls the supply of power throughout Tennessee has asked us all to dial back our thermostats in yet another cold snap. It's 5 degrees with a real feel of -2 here. I wish this cold would head back north, I've had enough of it. 

I read somewhere that keeping the temperature cooler, helps burn fat. Hmmm. Of course they recommend you keep your heat at 63 degrees. Sorry, that is too cold when it is 5 degrees outside.

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