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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Too-Too Thursday - Getting Behind Again

I am so far behind on what I want to accomplish this year, and we're only three weeks into it! It boggles my mind. I've been spending so much time doing other things that the dust bunnies are multiplying under my couch! You know, I don't mind being busy, but I'd rather be busy doing things that are fun, like research, data input and cemetery stomping.

Alas, the weather here is not cooperating much. It snows, it turns arctic  - below freezing here in mid-Tennessee is not that rare, but below zero is, and we've had more than our share of it. I think the kids have been back in school maybe a week?

I try to buckle down, but get distracted easily. And there is nothing like cuddling with the DH and the cat while watching Big Bang Theory which we got hooked on thanks to my cousins.

For now, it is back to work slowly working through the paper pile. 

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