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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Frigid Weather

I remember bitter cold weather. We lived in Michigan at the time. I never dreamed we would have below-freezing weather here in mid-TN as often as we have this winter. The kids are rapidly running through their "snow" days. To be fair, ice is more of a problem, especially on school bus routes.

When my kids were in school, there had to be 8 inches of snow before they got a snow day. Maybe they would have one or two a year - except in 98-99. We had horrible snow that year.

When I was a kid I remember 1 snow day. I actually got sent to school in about a foot of snow -- I walked four blocks. Took forever, but got there, and school was cancelled. Now, my dad worked there, couldn't he have called and said "There's no school today!" I waited around a while and warmed up before heading back home. By that time there were drifts up past my knees.

You would think that weather like this would be conducive to working on my genealogy. Um. No. Instead I am working on a wrapping paper project in my craft room. Just waiting for DH to cut the wood for me. Then I can get moving on it. He said it is 50 degrees in the garage. Sure is a lot warmer than the 14 degrees outside that feels like 4 degrees!

Tomorrow, I have a webinar at 1 p.m. I hope to remember this time and get signed on in time. Last time I got locked out. 

In the meantime, working hard on my desk. One side is really neat and the other side leaves a lot to be desired! Problem is the left side holds the appointments and stuff that I need to find a place for. Guess I should work on that in the meantime.

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