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Friday, January 10, 2014

Freaked Out Friday - No Rest for the Weary!

Older daughter emailed me that one of her crazy cats, Luna, already broke one of the childproof locks on the kitchen cabinets. She got trapped in one yesterday while I was installing them. I swear I checked, but she is an ace at hiding. So today, while DH and handyman are working on installing new locks, I will replace/repair. I guess I better get toolbox ready.

Tomorrow, we are going to Nashville to see younger daughter and her man & boy. This is the first time we will see them this year. I am looking forward to seeing them. 

I need to find time to use the Beginner's video for Legacy. Again. Some of it is so basic, but I am moving from RootsMagic to Legacy and some of Legacy's routines are just not coming easy to me. So, we will see. Maybe I might find time for that!

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