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Monday, January 27, 2014

No Closer to Her Maiden Name ...

Friday, I stared at a piece of paper for about an hour. It was from the Michigan Death index, 1971-1996 on It was for Victoria Kruszka. It took me a few minutes to remember to whom she was married. And I am not even sure married is the correct term.

Victoria Maiden-name-unknown was married first to Wladislaw Babinski, probably in Pennsylvania. They had one daughter, Helen, born in Pennsylvania and the rest were born in Michigan. Those would be Bernice, Anthonia or Anita, Stanley and Edward. 

According to my late father-in-law, Adam Kruszka never married. And yet, they appear in 1940 in Detroit with daughter Dolores, and Victoria's children from her previous marriage, which ended in divorce before 1930. I will note that Victoria is the one who gave the information to the census taker.

I really didn't stare at the paper so much as write all over it to document the info on the children. I searched today for obituaries for the children and for Victoria, but sadly nothing found. At least none that I can say, yes, that is her or him!

This might explain why my pile-o-paper reduces ever-so-slowly!

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